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CAR-PGa Newsletter March 2017


Vol. 26, No. 3
An international network of researchers into all aspects of role-playing games
March 2017

David Millians, Editor
Paideia School, 1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30307 USA


The SPIEL ´16 in Essen
Part Two: From Urban Files, Detective Adventures and Steampunk-Horror


With the CD “The Urban Files: Music inspired by the Dresden Files”, Erdenstern expanded again its line of RPG-music. The inspiration was the “Dresden Files” series about the magician and private investigator Harry Dresden, written by Jim Butcher. The hero of this series lives in an alternate Chicago, where magic and the modern world meet. In the booklet, this setting is described as “... a pinch of humour and a handful of darkness; a hard-boiled detective against a backdrop of Film noir and a contemporary urban fantasy.” The twenty-two pieces can be used for different RPG-genres like urban fantasy, classical film noir or modern crime-stories. “Introduction”, the first piece, begins slowly before the tempo increases to give the right feeling. With rhythmic and hectic elements “Beyond the windy City” expresses the city life. The moody tone of “The Pub” gives the impression of a pub late in the night. “Supernatural Crime Scene” combines slow music and a chorus for investigations, when something unusual happened. “Demigods and Archangels” emphasizes the encounter with magical beings, while “Femme Fatale” is a theme for beautiful but dangerous women. The creepy “Underground” can be used for any dungeon crawling, may it be the lair of an evil magician or the sewerage of a city. “On these Streets” is a calm theme, giving the feeling of the dark streets. Cool and wicked, “The Twilight Club” expresses the mood in a night club. “Hunting the Beast” is perfect for the battle against the supernatural. Finally, “The Urban Files” brings a strong tone of determination - the fight against evil goes on! The CD is a valuable support for GMs, who like to use music as background.


For the German science fiction-RPG “Ultima Ratio: Im Schatten von Mutter”, the rule book “Protagonisten Erweiterungsregeln” (“Protagonists. Rules-Expansions”; Heinrich-Tüffers-Verlag) was available at Essen. Expanding on the original sections about the character creation, it begins with a short compilation of this process, followed by an overall view of the available species and professions. Even for experienced fans these parts are useful, because they offer quickly all necessary information. The next chapter deals with the different species in the “Ultima Ratio” universe, among them the humanoid Alrhoone, who have emphatic and telepathic powers, and the Genesis, human clones, who won their freedom after a revolt. We find here similarities with known SF shows or books, but nevertheless they are unique. Two more chapters have information about the special abilities of each species and their professions. Further topics are the backgrounds and motivations of the PCs, possible strengths and weaknesses, weapons, equipment and contacts. The last chapter includes new archetypes, who may be allies, customers or enemies. Lots of pictures, a character sheet, and well-structured tables complete the book. “Protagonisten: Erweiterungsregeln” is a must for the “Ultima Ration” fans, but can be used for other SF RPGs, too.


“Restabbaster” is a card game mentioned in “Ultima Ratio” as a popular pastime. Now the fans get this game from the Heinrich-Tüffers-Verlag as a free merchandising-product that allows them to play a game within a game. It includes the rules, which are easy to understand, and one deck of thirty-two cards, comprised of six hero cards, eight special cards, and eighteen military cards. Fast to learn and fast to play, “Restabbaster” is a nice addition to the “Ultima Ratio” universe but also a fine diversion from the hard life in the future.


The German SF-RPG “Nova” (Prometheus Games) was expanded with three campaign-booklets. “Utopia Noir”, the first campaign, begins twenty-five years after the PCs died officially as victims of a terroristic assault. Actually kept in stasis, they are suddenly awakened and recruited by the Flaming Thorn, a secret society claiming to defend the Empire. So the PCs find themselves in a deadly struggle about the future of the Empire, while they also try to find out, why they were kept in stasis. Eleven adventures allow to research rivaling political groups and to get insights into dark imperial secrets. The campaign is supported by eleven short adventures as interludes, while a so-called adventure-generator enables to develop more plots. In any case the PCs face powerful masterminds, who use them as expendables. For all “Nova”-fans “Utopia Noir” is a must, but if the GM wants to use it for other SF-RPGs, some effort for the conversion has to be invested. Especially the game-world´s ultra-tech needs a reworking for settings with less advanced technical equipment.


“Sektor Limes” (“Sector Limes”), the second “Nova” booklet, offers a campaign with four adventures for PCs that are mercenaries or agents of imperial intelligence agencies. Their missions are of greatest importance - or so they are told. “Panem et Circenses”, the first adventure, leads them into the upper social circles of Utopia City, the capital of the Empire. “Der letzte Morgen” (“The last Morning”) is a mission on a world that was invaded by hostile forces. In “Apotheose” (“Apotheosis”) an investigation brings the PCs to the Davison Consortium, a technocracy, where they must infiltrate a space-station. Finally, in “Blutwald” (“Forest of Blood”) they try to arrest a terrorist on the planet Sculpra, where imperial forces and rebels are fighting a war. “Sektor Limes” offers more information about the dark secrets of the Empire as well as ideas for future adventures. The conversion to other SF-RPGs is easy, and so the campaign can also be used for “Traveller” or “Star Wars”.


The third campaign, “Cash & Cargo Imperium” (“Cash & Cargo Empire”) consists of five adventures open for most character-classes. They all are connected by the activities of a scientist with an own agenda. In “Dissoziation” (“Dissociation”) the PCs face weird incidents on a space-station, which is also a penitentiary. Of course the convicts want to get out, before the situation becomes worse. “Interferenz” (“Interference”) leads the PCs to the planet Kitako. Here a political struggle about the economical development causes problems. In “Vektor” (“Vector”) legends about a treasure on the planet Sacria attract lots of people. An archaeological expedition needs urgently support. “Exotherm” brings the PCs to the planet Camarc, which is covered by oceans of lava. A lost production platform must be found in a world of fire. Finally “Gemini” plays in the orbit of the planet Uranus. Here a secret imperial research station becomes the place for the campaign´s showdown, which confronts the PCs with a moral dilemma. “Cash & Cargo Imperium” is well suited for GMs and players, who try “Nova” for the first time, but challenges also experienced fans. With some effort it can be converted for other systems, especially for “Traveller” and “Star Wars”.


The fans of the German detective-RPG “Private Eye” (Redaktion Phantastik), which is based on Sir Athur Conan Doyle´s stories about Sherlock Holmes, were delighted by the new fifth edition of the basic rules. Its publication was necessary, because the complete fourth edition had been sold out, while the demand still existed. This is a sign for the success of this RPG, which begun once as a classical fan-product. The fact, that detective-RPGs are a niche market, did not stop its success. Surely the high popularity of Sherlock Holmes in Germany, the charm of the Victorian Age and the excellent style of the basic rules contributed to that. The fifth edition, a solid hardcover-book, is an expanded version of the fourth. So a new chapter informs the readers, how detective-adventures can be mastered and played, which can also be very useful for RPGs with similar topics. The rules were partly rewritten to make them more understandable, but also by including hints from the fans. They are still fully compatible with all previous editions, which is a great advantage for GMs and players. Altogether the fifth edition of “Private Eye” offers a good possibility for newcomers, but it can also be recommended to all fans and owners of the previous ones as a valuable addition. The chapter about mastering and playing detective-RPGs is already worth the price.

“Liebe, Geld und andere Intrigen” (“Love, Money and other Intrigues”; Redaktion Phantastik) is a new adventure-book for the detective-RPG “Private Eye”. It compiles three adventures, which won an author´s competition. In the first - “Liebe, Geld und andere Intrigen” - the fiancé of Lord Maxwell´s daughter Rowena vanished with her dowry. Now the PCs shall find him. But when the young lady vanishes, too, this task becomes difficult. A female accomplice, the secrets of the upper classes, Rowena´s former fiancé, the owner of a gambling house, a loan shark and a war veteran cause more problems. Several solutions are possible, depending on the actions of the players. “Der Magier” (“The Magician”), the second adventure, is a classical investigation to find a mysterious burglar, who committed several daring thefts. Witnesses must be questioned, clues analyzed, crime scenes searched and the backgrounds of the victims checked. Again the adventure may end in different ways. Finally “Die Leiche im Moor” (“The Body in the Moor”) is a murder investigation among the gentry in the idyllic countryside. Here the PCs should use their social skills to avoid troubles. The new adventure-book offers suspenseful investigations in the era of Sherlock Holmes, while we also learn more about Britain during the time of Queen Victoria. This includes scandals in London´s administration, information about scientific societies as well as a gazetteer of the North York Moors in North Yorkshire, which invites to solve more mysteries there. Highly recommended, with some changes also for “Space 1889” and other steampunk-RPGs.

The Redaktion Phantastik continued to prepare the German edition of the Polish steampunk-/fantasy-RPG “Wolsung”, which shall be available in 2017. At the SPIEL ´16 two new booklets were offered for the fans. “Urdapadia 2” explains more rules of “Wolsung”, supported by examples for skills and magic. The adventure “Stadt in Flammen” (“City in Flames”) gives the opportunity to test the system and to explore the game-world. When violent unrests turn the city of Heimburg into a combat zone, the PCs must investigate to find the cause for that. Altogether this adventure is a tribute to the cliffhanger-genre as known from “Indiana Jones” and “Lara Croft”. The last chapter offers more information about the character-creation. They enable to create really unique characters like a steampunk-version of Mary Poppins, complete with a steam-driven jetpack and a rifle in her umbrella.

“Die Bilder des Isidor Necpla” (“The Pictures of Isidor Necpla”) is a “Wolsung”-adventure, which was obviously inspired by the legends about the pharaoh´s curse. Some years before an archeological expedition explored an ancient tomb, but failed in a catastrophic manner. Now a weird disease turns the survivors into a comatose. During the investigations the PCs meet scientists, “ladies of the night”, criminals, servants and other people from different classes. Therefore social skills are very important. Besides the PCs can explore the country of Lyonesse, visiting noble mansions, retreats of criminals and museums. Of course they also face mummies and similar beings, and so combat skills will be useful. Descriptions of the locations, new magical rituals, a list of NPCs and a map of Lyonesse make it easier for the GM to run the adventure. Altogether “Die Bilder des Isidor Necpla” is a good introduction into the world of “Wolsung”, proving the potential of a steampunk/fantasy-crossover.

The German cosplay-magazine “Cohaku. Das Cosplay-Magazin” (Get Ready Publishing) was meanwhile established on the market. Now the thirteenth issue is available, supported by three magazines of the English edition “Cohaku. The Cosplay Magazine”. They offer articles about topics like hairstyles, make-up, technical support, weapons, armors, conventions, organizations, photography, shoes and costumes. Interviews with cosplay-fans about their projects, experiences and motivations complete the magazines. Visual highlights are of course the photos of cosplay-fans like Janette “Tarulein” Bratz as Harley Quinn (wow!), Mareike “Mint Grün” Larisch as Ragyo (sexy!), Stanislaus “VonNao” Breidenbach as Thor (powerful!) or Katharina “kashi” Lischka as Kotori Minami (cute!). So “Cohaku” supports LARP-fans as well as GMs and players of RPGs with lots of ideas, how PCs and NPCs may look. Cosplay is not limited to mangas and animes from Japan, but deals also with movies, books, comics and cartoons, which gives us lots of possibilities.

With “Liebesgrüße aus Neuschwabenland“ (”From Neuschwabenland with Love“ - an allusion to the German title of the James Bond-movie “From Russia with Love”; Edition Roter Drachen), Alex Jahnke continues his hair-rising persiflage of conspiracy-theories about Nazis. Now he combines them with the cinematic espionage-genre including super agents with the license to kill, criminal masterminds and secret organizations. After learning about Hitler´s last refuge in Antartica the United Kingdom and North Korea begin to investigate. Soon the MI6 sends Colonel Bartholomew Bramsey and the North Korean military intelligence Captain Ho-Yon Berta to Neuschwabenland. At the same time Friedrich von Humpitz, the Führer´s adjutant, must deal with two investigators from the “Interest Group of the Secret World Rulers”, an association of would-be-world-conquerors, who want to disband the Nazi-base, because the secrecy was violated. It seems, that Hitler signed the application form without reading the small print. But soon Humpitz realizes, that the disbandment may be a cover for more sinister intentions. Strange accidents in the base, exploding Reichsflugscheiben - the Nazi-UFOs - and a mercenary-force cause more confusion. Are Bramsey, Ho-Yon and Humpitz able to solve the mysteries? Like the first book “Liebesgrüße aus Neuschwabenland” can recommended to all fans of conspiracy-theories and James Bond-movies as well as to all GMs, who want to run a really weird campaign.

Obviously, the COMIC ACTION 16 suffered from the problems, which I mentioned in the first chapter. Many artists and publishers did no longer participate, because the increased fees were too high. Besides the GERMAN COMIC CON BERLIN took place on October 15th and 16th, 2016 in our capital city. This contemporaneous convention attracted many, who were before regulars in Essen, reducing their numbers even more. So the “Zeichnerallee” (“Artists-Alley”) was much smaller as in the previous years. Nevertheless you met here artists like Sarah Burrini, Thekla Maria “TeMel” Barck, Michael Vogt, John Ridgeway, Matteo Buffagni, Emanuela Lupacchino, Salvador Espin, Olaf Neumann and Nils Oskamp.

Sarah Burrini published with “Nerd Girl gibt nie auf!” (“Nerd Girl never gives up!”; Panini Comics) the third book of her series “Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof” (“Life ain´t no Ponyfarm”). Here she compiles more of her Ponyfarm-webcomics like the “2012”-storyline, when the apocalypse seemed to come. Rescue for the Ponyfarm-community was offered by a luxury ark with whirlpool, plasma-TV and 965 cheese varieties. Another storyline tells us the (mis)adventures of the super-heroine Nerd Girl, the secret identity of Sarah´s alter ego. Nerd Girl is brave and honest, but also clumsy and inexperienced. She meets the all-female Real Superhero League, encounters the giant chicken Chicanto, fights against a devilish master-mind, who wants to replace her with the dumb, but sexy Nerd Girl 2.0, and runs into trouble with the police, when she tries to uphold law and order on the streets. These stories can be used for funny superhero-RPGs, where fame-addicted heroes cause more problems than the super-villains. Furthermore Mrs. Burrini deals with daily experiences like malfunctioning computers, popular trends, chatting in the internet, travelling or the Christmas-stress. With “Little Sarah in Slumberland” we get a wonderful tribute to the “Little Nemo”-comics. Mrs. Burrini also deals with political events like the assault against “Charlie Hebdo”. The book ends with the proclamation, that we should not allow anyone to ruin our laughter.

Our regular readers will remember the German comic-series “Malcolm Max” (Splitter Verlag). Written by Peter Memmingen and drawn by Ingo Rämling the third volume with the title “Nightfall” was available in Essen. It offers a worthy final! Malcolm Max, the agent of the secret lodge Custodes Lucis, and his partner, the half-vampire/half-witch Charisma Myskina, continue the hunt for the serial-killer Darkwood. The vengeful souls of the murderer´s victims demand to avenge their deaths, while Detective-Inspector Blunt still searches for Malcolm, whom he mistakes as the killer. Now our heroic couple must look for a scientist, who developed a device to send impulses over long distances without a cable. Just when they find him, the machine-humans attack London. While death and destruction reign in the centre of the Empire, Darkwood makes his way to the Buckingham Palace, where he wants to kill Queen Victoria. While Charisma rescues her partner´s protégées Emmeline and Miranda, Malcolm follows the serial-killer, whose brain is in a machine-human. Now a series of nonstop-cliffhangers begins. Charisma´s unusual parentage enables her to fight machine-humans with bare hands and to use magic, while Malcolm rivals Errol Flynn, Indiana Jones and James Bond, when he defends the Queen. “Nightfall” is a humorous crossover of the horror-by-gaslight-, steampunk- and cliffhanger-genres, combined with a winking look on the British way of life in the late 19th century, as we imagine it. The excellent pictures can be used as backgrounds for RPGs. Many ideas for the steampunk-genre complete the story, among them an airship under the Buckingham Palace to enable Queen Victoria a retreat, if London is under attack. A final chapter informs about Britain in the 19th century, important persons and the rise of female journalists - the so-called “stunt-girls” -, while some more pictures are given as a bonus. “Nightfall” and the complete series are highly recommended!

In spite of its English title “A House Divided” (Carlsen Comics) is a new German fantasy-comic, written by Haiko Hörning and drawn by Marius Palitza. With “Ein gefährliches Erbe” (“A dangerous Heritage”) the first volume of the series was available in Essen. Based on the world of the early 19th century the background differs from the classical fantasy-genre. Nine years ago a merciless enemy attacked the country, but the magician Ornun Zol casted a powerful spell, destroying the hostile forces within one night. Now Henrietta Achilles, a teen girl, who lost her parents in the war, inherits the mansion of her late uncle. Arriving in the town Malrenard Henrietta learns, that her uncle was - Ornun Zol. The mansion is his skyscraper-like tower, full with magical secrets including the spell, with which he won the war. Many people search for it, among them Captain Booner, a war veteran accompanied by a squad of soldiers, Nate Flemming, a roguish gang-leader, and Kornelius, the king of the goblins. Besides the people of Malrenard expect, that Henrietta frees them from the unwanted side-effects of her uncle´s magic. After lots of chases through the tower our desperate heroine just wants to go back to the safe orphanage, until a flood threatens the town. Now Henrietta gathers the will to fight for her heritage. “A House Divided” is an interesting new fantasy-series, which may quickly find its fans. In a last chapter Hörning and Paltiza describe, how they developed the characters. So Captain Booner is based on the actor Tom Selleck and the charismatic rogue Flemming on Errol Flynn. For readers, who want to learn more about the developments of comics, this is a valuable addition.

From October 26th to 29th, 2017 the SPIEL ´17 will happen in Essen. If you want to visit it, but need information about hotel rooms or other questions, please send a note to my e-mail-address:

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Europäische Spielesammlergilde:
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Mantikore Verlag:
Panini Comics:
Prometheus Games:
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Hudson, Laura (2017 February 16) Video Games Trade Fantasy for the Despair of Rust Belt Reality. The New York Times. New trends in new games.

Robinson, Hawke (2017 February 8) RPG Research Podcast Episode 6. Interesting discussion of accessibility in gaming.

Robinson, Hawke (2017 February 15) 2017 Schedule So Far. Hawke’s plans for the coming months.


Dargis, Manhola (2017 February 10) You Ready for a Little Justice?. The New York Times, C6. Review of Lego Batman Movie.

Kageyama, Yuri (2017 January 31) Masaya Nakamura, 91, Founded the company that launched Pac-Man. The Washington Post. Obituary.

Thomsen, Michael (2017 January 19) Beating Mike Tyson Blindfolded (in a Video Game). The New York Times. Record fast play of video games.


New listings this month were provided by Paul Cardwell and Lou Zocchi; others are urged to submit information. If you attend a convention, be sure and check the conventions table and let us have a copy of the fliers (or at very least the when, what, where, and contact information) for upcoming conventions available there. CAR-PGa is international, so this includes anywhere in the world.

Dates, precise venue, contacts' URLs or phone numbers, and other information, where missing from this list, would be particularly appreciated.

"[LARP]" means only LARP events as many RPG cons include at least some LARP, as likewise applies to the mention of specific game systems. The same bracketed information applies as well to game systems when the con will have only those games present.

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A review of any attended convention afterwards for the Newsletter would be appreciated too. These reviews should include demographic data such as attendance, percentage male/female, white/ethnic minorities (or whatever is the majority/white/others), games in addition to tabletop RPG, and more subjective matters such as unusual events, quality of games and dealers' room, encouragement of new gamers, and whatever seems worth reporting. We need to work to restore CAR-PGa's reputation as the media's go-to on gamer demographics, especially since the media are still citing a study that cut off all those over 35 - at a time when that was the median age of gamers - it is closer to 40 now - which indicates we also need to work on recruiting younger players, although some increase in college age players at conventions has been noted.

Conventions are currently being compiled by archivist Paul Cardwell, 1127 Cedar, Bonham, TX 75418 or, so send them there.

March 2017
2-5: Emerald City Comiccon, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA;
2-5: Salt Con, Davis Conference Center, Layton, UT;
3-5: Cincycon, Butler County Fairgrounds, Cincinnati, OH;
3-5: CoastCon, Mississipi Coast Convention Center, 2350 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS;
3-5: ConDor, Sheraton Four Points, San Diego, CA;
3-5: Gadcon, Holiday Inn Express, Aberdeen, 1050 Beards Hill Rd, Aberdeen, MD;
3-4: Game It Forward, GP Event Center, Springdale, AR;
3-5: Genericon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY;
3-5: GnomeCon, Ramada Inn, 301 Governor Treulen Rd, Pooler, GA;
3-5: Gryphcon, University Center, University of Guelph, 158-50 Stone Rd. E, Guelph, ON;
3-5: Ludica, Strada Statale 33 del Semione, 28, Milan, Italy;
3-5: Made in Asia, Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium;
3-5: PlatteCon, Ullsvik Hall, 1 University Plaza, University of Wisconsin Platteville, Platteville, WI;
3-5: Prolog, Stenbygatan 10, Västerås, Sweden; [LARP] 
3-5: Wild Wild West, Old Tucson, 201 S Kinney Rd, Tuscon, AZ; [steampunk] 
4-5: Bremer Spiele-Tage, Bremer Volkshochschule, Bremen, Germany;
4-5: Terminal City Tabletop Convention, Bonsor Recreation Complex, Burnaby, BC;
10-11: Twister Con, Sheraton MidWest City, 5750 Will Rogers Rd, MidWest City, OK;
10-12: Cleveland ConCoction, Sheraton Cleveland Airport, Cleveland, OH;
10-12: Fogcon, Walnut Creek Marriott, 2355 N Main St, Walnut Creek, CA; [primarily writer workshop]
10-12: Joelanta, Marriott Century Center, 2000 Century Center Blvd, Atlanta, GA; 
10-12: Lexington Comic Con, Lexington Convention Center, 430 W Vine, Lexington, KY;
10-12: Madicon, Festival Conference Center, 1301 Carrier Dr, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA;
10-12: Revelcon, Brookhollow Crowne Plaza, Houston, TX;
10-19: South by Southwest, Palmer Events Center, 900 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, Texas 78704;
13-19: GAMA Trade Show, Bally's, Las Vegas, NV; [trade only]
16-19: All-Con, Crowne Plaza, 14315 Midway Rd, Addison, TX;
17-19: CJMC, Cintermex, 4400 Ave Lázaro Cárdenas, Monterrey, Mty;
17-19: Con GT, Riverview Inn, 50 College St, Clarksville, TN; [Dr. Who] 
17-19: ConnCon, Sheraton Stamford, 700 E Main St, Stamford, CT;
17-19: CosCon, Vagabonds Hall, Butler, PA;
17-19: Princecon, McCosh Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ;
17-19: Shuto Con, Lansing Center, 333 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI;
17-19: TN Game Days, Franklin Marriott Cool Springs, Franklin, TN;
17-19: Toronto Comicon, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON;
18: Concrete Cow, Old Bath House, 205 Stratford Rd, Wolverton, Milton Keynes;
18-19: Keks Con, Kulturtreff Hainholtz, Voltmerstr. 40, Hanover:
18-19: LANtasy, Peakes Arena, 3100 Tillicum Rd, Victoria, BC;
19: Zuiderspel, Klogebow 50, Eindhoven;
23-24: AdeptiCon, Renaissance Schaumburg, Schaumburg, IL;
23-26: Gary Con, Grand Geneva Resort, 7036 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva, WI;
24-26: Conburst, Seelye Hall, Smith College, Northampton, MA;
24-26: Eville Con, Holiday Inn, 7101 US 41, Evansville, IN;
24-26: Furry Fiesta, Intercontinentat Dallas, 15201 Dallas Pkwy, Addison, TX;
24-26: Hydra, Brookfield Scout Camp, Rd 1 562 Moore Valley Rd., Wainuiomata, Wellington, NZ; [LARP]
24-26: Mace West, Doubletree, Asheville, NC;
24-26: Marmalade Dog, Bernhard Center, 1903 W. Michigan Ave, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI;
24-26: MidSouthCon, Memphis Hilton, Poplar & I-240, East Memphis, TN;
25: Egocon, Holiday Inn, 1001 Amber Ave, Stevens Point, WI;
25-26: Armegeddicon, Holiday Inn Worthington, Columbus, OH;
30-April 2: Game Storm, Red Jantzen Beach, 909 N Hayden Island Dr, Portland, OR;
31-April 2: Albacon, Best Western Albany Airport Inn, Wolf Rd, Albany, NY;
31-April 2: Anime Boston, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA;
31-April 2: CogCon, Butler-Carlton Hall, 1401 N Pine St, Rolla, MO;
31-April 2: Fan Expo Dallas, Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX;
31-April 2: Nashicon, Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, Columbia, SC;
31-April 2: Protospiel, Best Western Plus, 5105 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee WI;
31-April 2: Simcon, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY;
31-April 2: Who's Yer Con, Wyndham Indianapolis West, Indianapolis, IN;
31-April 2: Wondercon, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA;

April 2017 
1-2: Capital Gaming Expo, Nepean Sportsplex, Ottawa, ON;
1-2: Gem City Comic Con, Dayton Convention Center, Dayton, OH;
1-2: MAG Con, NCISD Annex, 21569 US 59, New Caney (Houston area), TX;
1-2: PLAY, Modena Exhibition Center, Modena, Italy;
1-2: Tupelo Comic Con, Tupelo Furniture Mart, Bldg 5, 1879 Coley Rd, Tupelo, MS;
1-3: WillyCon, Student Center, Wayne State College, Wayne, NE;
6-9: Ambercon, Embassy Suites Detroit-Livonia, 19525 Victor Pkwy, Livonia, MI; [Amber diceless only] 
6-9: DeepCon, Centro Congressi Ambasciatoril, Fiuggi, Italy;
6-9: Furry Atlanta, Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA;
6-9: Tekko, Lawrence Conventioner, Pittsburgh, PA;
7-8: Conpulsion, Teviot Row Student Union, Bristol Square, Edinburgh;
7-9: 221B Con, Marriott Perimeter Center, 246 Perimeter Center Pkwy NE, Atlanta, GA; [Sherlock Holmes]
7-9: Anime Matsuri, George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX;
7-9: CodCon, Turner Conference Center, College of DuPage, 425 22nd St, Glen Ellyn, IL
7-9: Conglomeration, Ramada Plaza, 9700 Bluegrass Pkwy, Louisville, KY;
7-9: ConQuest SAC, Crowne Plaza, Sacramento, CA;
7-9: CyPhaCon, Lake Charles Civic Center, Lake Charles, LA;
7-9: Gaming Hoopla, Holiday Inn Gurnee, 6161 W Grand, Ave, Gurnee, WI;
7-9: Istrakon, Spomen dom Pazin, Croatia;
7-9: Kawaii Kon, Hawaii Convention Center, 1801 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI;
7-9: Lunacon, Westchester Marriott, 670 White POlains Rd, Tarrytown, NY;
7-9: Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis, America's Center, St. Louis, MO;
8-9: Game-on-icon, Hartman Union Building, Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH;
8-9: Just a Game Con, Corvallis Elks Lodge, 1400 NW 9th St, Corvallis, OR;
8-9: Marble City Comiccon, Knoxville Convention Center, Knoxville, TN;
12-17: Fastaval, Aarhus; [specific venue traditionally secret]
13-16: Frolicon, Sheraton Atlanta Downtown, Atlanta, GA;
13-16: Norwescon, Doubletree Seattle Airport, 18740 International Blvd, SeaTac, WA;
14-16: Gothcon, Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet, Göteborg, Sweden;
14-16: JohnCon, Levering Hall, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD:
14-17: Conquest, Melbourne High School, Forest St, South Yarra, Melbourne, Vic;
14-17: Eastercon, Hilton Metropole, NEC, Birmingham, UK;
14-17: Eyecon, St. Scholastica's College, 2-4 Avenue Rd, Glebe, Sydney, NSW;
21-23: Cape Comic Con, Osage Center, 1625 N Kingshighway, Cape Giradieu, MO;
21-23: Chicago Comic Expo, South Bldg, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL:
21-23: Filk Ontario, Toronto Airport West, 5444 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON;
21-23: JordanCon, Atlanta Marriott, 246 Perimeter Center Pkwy, Atlanta, GA;
21-23: No Brand Con, Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI;
21-23: Silicon Valley Comic Con, San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA;
21-23; Starfest, Marriott & Hilton DTC, Denver, CO;
22-23: LuxCon, Forum Geeseknäpchen, Luxemburg;
27-29: Vaticon, UCD Student Centre, Dublin, Ireland;
27-30: Calgary Expo, Stampede Park, Calgary, AB;
27-30: Game Days, Tall Cedars of Lebanon, 2501 Putty Hill Ave, Pikesville, MD;
28-30: Constellation, Cornhusker Hotel, Lincoln, NE:
28-30: Farmegeddon, Farmer City American Legion, Stensel Dr, Farmer City, IL;
28-30: Fire and Ice Convention, Manitowoc County Expo Center, 4921 Expo Dr, Manitowoc,WI;
28-30: HavenCon, Doubletree Austin, 6505 N I-35, Austin, TX;
28-30: Ice & Fire, Mountain Lake Lodge, Pembroke, VA; [LARP] 
28-30: International Steampunk Symposium, Crowne Plaza Blue Ash, 5901 Pfeiffer Rd, Cincinnati, OH;
28-30: M2X, Edward Village, 600 Town Center Dr, Dearborn, MI;
28-30: Midwest Media Expo, Royal Dearborn Convention Center, 600 Town Center Dr, Dearborn, MI;
28-30: OdysseyCon, Radisson Hotel, Madison, WI;
28-30: Omegacon, Lodge at Crooked Lane, 24271 State Rd 35N, Siren, WI:
28-30: OzCon, West Plains Civic Center, 110 St. Louis St, West Plains, MO;
28-30: Penguicon, Westin Southfield Detroit, 1599 Town Center, Southfield, MI;
28-30: Planet Comicon, Kansas City Convention Center, 301 W 13th St, Kansas City, MO;
28-30: Pretzcon, Ralston Arena, 72nd & Q, Omaha NE;
28-30: Pyrkon, Miedzynardowe Targi, Poznan, Poland;
28-30: RavenCon, Doubletree Williamsburg, 50 Kingsmill Rd, Williamsburg, VA;
28-30: Sci-fi on the Rock, Sheraton Newfoundland, 115 Cavendish Square, St. Johns, NF;
28-30: Steampunk Symposium, Crowne Plaza Blue Ash, Cinncinnatti, OH;
28-30: Teck-Con, Mehrgenerationenhaus Linde, Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany;
28-30: Treklanta: Doubletree Atlanta North Lake, Atlanta, GA;
28-30: UBCon, Student Union, SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY;
28-30: Zenkaicon, Lancaster County Convention Center, Lancaster, PA;
29-30: IzmirCon, Tepekule Kongre Merkezi, Izmir, Turkey;
29-30: Super Bit Con, Oklahoma Expo Hall, State Fair Grounds, Oklahoma City, OK;

May 2017                                                             
2-5: Eternal Convention, Castle Stahleck, Bacharach;
5-7: 1d4Con, Comfort Inn, Martinsburg, WV;
5-7: Ad Astra, Sheraton Parkway North, 600 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill, ON;
5-7: Crypticon, Doubletree, 18740 International Blvd, Seattle, WA; [horror] 
5-7: Demicon, Holiday Inn Northwest, 4800 Meroe Hay Rd, Des Moines, IA;
5-7: Furry Down Under, Mantra on View, 22 View Ave, Surfers Paradise, QL;
5-7: Gojotekicon, Holiday Inn Express, 1392 Enterprise Pkwy, Ashland, OH;
5-7: Lexicon, Clarion Convention Center, 1950 Newtown Pike, Lexington, KY;
5-7: PDXAGE, Holiday Inn, 8439 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR;
5-7: San Marino Game Convention, Palace Hotel, San Marino;
5-7: Steampunk World Fair, Radisson of Piscataway, NJ;
5-7: WHOlanta, Marriot Century Center, 2000 Century Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA;
6: Spiel mit den Wölfen, Stadtmission Wolfsburg, Mühlenpfad 2, Wolfsburg; spiel-mit-den-wö
10-11: Lion Rampant Open House, Branford, ON;
12-14: Anime St. Louis, St. St. Charles Convention Center, St. Charles, MO
12-14: ChupacabraCon, Wingate Hotel, 1209 N IH 35 North, Round Rock, TX;
12-14: Comicpalooza, George R Brown Center, 1001 Avenida de las Americas, Houston, TX;
12-14: Marcon, Hyatt Regency Hotel, 350 N. High St, Columbus, OH;
12-14: Outlantacon/Gaylaxicon, Atlanta Marriott Century Center, 2000 Century Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA;
12-14: Sferakon, Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Computing, Unska 3, Zagreb, Croatia;
12-14: Spiele Wahnsinn Herne, Kulturzentrum Herne, Willi Pohlmann Platz 1, Herne;
13: OG Con, Orange Grove Public Library, 12135 Old Hwy 49, Gulfport, MS;
18-21: Geekway to the West, St. Charles Convention Center, St. Charles, MO;
19-21: Anime Central, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL;
19-21: Huzzah!, Doubletree, 363 Maine Mall Rd, South Portland, ME; [mainly wargaming] 
19-21: Keycon, Radisson Hotel, 288 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB;
19-21: Motor City ComicCon, Suburban Collection Showplace, 46100 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI;
19-21: Xcon World, Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, SC;
20-21: Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend, Town Hall, King Edwards Place, Burton on Trent;
20-21: Berserkon, Inn on Lake Superior, Duluth, MN;
20-21: Flower City Comic Con Rochester Riverside Convention Center, 123 E. Main St, Rochester, NY;
20-21: Game-o-Rama, Atlanta Marriott Perimeter, Atlanta, GA;
20-21: Southern Geek Fest, Forrest County Multipurpose Center, 962 Sullivan Dr., Hattiesburg, MS;
20-22: Mobicon, Outlaw Convention Center, 1 S Water St, Mobile, AL;
25-28: LinCon, Linköpings Universitet, Linköping, Sweden;
25-28: MegaCon, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL;
25-28: Momocon, Georgia World Congress Center, 285 Andrew Young International Blvd, Atlanta, GA;
25-28: Phoenix Comicon, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ;
26-27: Hamburger Spieletage, Hamburg Haus Eimsbüttel, Doormannsweg 12, Hamburg;
26-28: Cherry Capital Comic Con (C4), Grand Traverse Resort, 100 Grand Traverse Village Blvd, Traverse City, MI;
26-28: ConQuesT 48, Sheraton Kansas City at Crown Center, Kansas City, MO;
26-28: MantiCon, Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul, 3800 American Blvd, Bloomington, MN;
26-29: Balticon, Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace, 202 E. Pratt St, Baltimore, MD;
26-29: BayCon, San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport, 1770 S Amphlett Blvd, San Mateo, CA;
26-29: Clockwork Alchemy, Double Tree Hotel, San Jose, CA;
26-29: Gamex, Hilton Los Angeles Airport, 5711 W. Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA;
26-29: Kublacon, Hyatt Regency, 1333 Bayshore Way, Burlingame, CA;
26-29: MediaWestCon, Ramada Inn, 7501 Saganaw Hwy, Lansing, MI;
26-29: Miscon, Holliday Inn Missoula Downtown, Missoula, OR;
26-29: Nexus Game Fair, Hyatt Regency, Milwaukee, WI;
26-29: Paizocon, Doubletree Seattle Airport, 18740 International Blvd, Seattle, WA;
30: Lilac City Comiccon, Spokane Convention Center, Spokane, WA:
31-June 4: NTRPGCon, Westin DFW Airport Hotel, 4545 W. John Carpenter Fwy, Irving, TX;

June 2017 
1-4: Colossalcon, Kalahari Resort, 7000 Kalahari Dr, Sandusky, OH;
1-4: North Texas RPG Con, DFW Airport Marriott South, 4151 Centreport Blvd, Fort Worth, TX;
1-4: Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia, Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA;
2-4: Bayou Wars, Magnusson Hotel, 7059 US Hwy 51, St. Francisville, LA; [wargame]
2-4: ConCarolinas, Embassy Suites, 5400 Hammons Dr. NW, Concord, NC;
2-4: Evergreen Tabletop Expo, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA;
2-4: Niagara Falls Comic Con, Scotia Bank Convention Centre, 6815 Stanley Ave, Niagara Falls, ON; 
2-4: UK Game Expo, NEC Hilton Metropole, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK;
2-5: Buckets of Dice, Christchurch College of Education, Christchurch, New Zealand;
3: HickoryCon, Hickory Metro Convention Center, 1960 13th Ave. SE; Hickory, NC;
3-4: Wellycon, Wellington Girls College, Thoerndon, Wellington, New Zealand;
5: NOLA Time Fest, Hilton New Orleans Airport, 901 Airline Dr, Kenner, LA; [Dr. Who] 
8-11: A-Kon, Ft. Worth Convention Center, Ft. Worth, TX;
8-11: Core Con, Baymont Inn, 3333 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND;
9-11: ConDamned, Cafe 2 Klavern, De Clercqstraat 136, Amsterdam;
9-10: Die Con, Gateway Convention Center, Edwardsville, IL;
9-11: NordCon, Schule beim Pachthof, beim Pachthof 15, Hamburg-Horn;
9-11: OMGcon, Owensboro Convention Center, Owensboro, KY;
9-11: Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo, Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Convention Center, 2450 Galleria Pkwy, Atlanta, GA
9-12: Continuum, Ether Conference Center, 265 Little Bourke St, Melbourne Vic;
9-12: Phenomenom, Daramalan College, Cowper St, Dickson, ACT, Australia;
10: SWFL SpaceCon, Crowne Plaza, 1305 Bell Tower Dr, Ft. Myers, FL;
10-11: Spielefest Salzgitter, Aitpjas Hilgert, Salzgitter-Lebenstedt;
14-18: Origins, Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH;
16-18: AwesomeCon, Washington Convention Center, 801 Mount Vernon Place NW, Washington, DC;
16-18: Q-Con, Queen's University Belfast, lmwood Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland;
16-18: U-Con (DortCon), Fritz-Henßler-Haus, Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 23-27: Dortmund (Mitte);
16-18: Wizard World Comic Con, Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, CA;
22-25: PortConMaine, Doubletree Hotel, Maine Mall Rd, South Portland, ME;
23-24: Fear the Coin, Drury Inn, 8700 Eager Rd, Brentwood, MO;
23-25: Ragecon, Sands Regency Casino, Reno, NV;
23-25: Soonercon, Reed Conference Center, 5800 Will Rogers Rd, Midwest City, OK;
23-25: Too Many Games, Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Oaks, PA;
23-26: Arcon, Christian Michelsens Gate 65, Oslo;
26-July 2: PrezCon, Doubletree Charlottesville, 990 Hilton Heights Rd, Charlottesville, VA;
30: Nerd East, Durham Student's Union, Durham, UK;
30-July 2: Denver Comic Con, Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th St, Denver, CO;

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