Monday, March 9, 2015

Gaming in China

Here is an exciting article about gaming in China, mostly board gaming but gaming nonetheless! I find this thrilling for two reasons. First, China is a huge, ripe market for games and has a long history of games in many forms. Second, my day job is studying China, so I'm thrilled to see some of the games I love finding love in China.

I hope to post more to this blog in the coming months. Health issues have limited my blogging energy since late last year. The adventure continues!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Endings & Beginnings

It's been a bumpy 2014 for me, but 2015 promises to have several fun new projects. One has already begun. I have a new web site. I hope you will visit and tell me what you think it needs to help you in your work.

It's also looking likely that I will be at Gen Con this coming summer. Exactly what I'll be doing and presenting remains to be seen, but it will be fun. Let me know if there are elements you'd find valuable. I'll share lots more information here as it becomes more defined.

With the shift in the season and the year, have fun!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Interesting New Ideas

It's been a busy, demanding return from summer vacation for me. I spent most of the summer doing some wonderful traveling, but it means I've had to keep scrambling to stay ahead of everything so far. Anyway, the Internet keeps bubbling with interesting ideas of all sorts, many of which link in one way or another to using role playing games in the classroom.

Kids Stuff, a post on, has thoughtful ideas about gaming with kids and more than half a dozen recommendations for systems to use with them. I have some of these game systems and will post reviews of them when I know them well enough to do so.

Ben Garvey has written a wonderful post about gamifying his kids' morning routines to make them more fun and efficient. I love his ideas, and this article should be a reminder to all of us of the fun that can be had with games in all kinds of situations, fantasy and real.

Have fun with these ideas and share what you think or have discovered in the comments.

Have fun!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fiftieth Post - A Short One

Bill Walton has all kinds of interesting and useful links on his blog. Click over and check them out.

I will have some new game reviews and a report from Dragon Con 2014 in the coming weeks.

Have fun!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


I recommend everyone check out Storium on Kickstarter. It looks like a great driver for writing, creativity, peer editing, and more. Designed for online setting creation and storytelling, Storium has wonderful potential for many classrooms. I have already spoken with several teachers about its possible applications as a classroom tool. You will probably recognize the names of at least a couple of the authors that have thrown themselves into this project. It is doing well in its fundraising and, as of this writing, has eleven days yet to go. Have a look. You may want to pledge support and receive various perks, or you may decide to wait and see what it looks like on completion. Either way, I would enjoy hearing what you think of Storium.

Have fun!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Game Day 2014

The first Sunday is New Game Day! This is a fun challenge to gamers and non-gamers alike. Check out the web site, as they are offering some ideas and even prizes.

Have fun!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fate Core

Earlier this year I supported Evil Hat Games' incredibly successful Kickstarter to produce a new edition of the Fate rule system. I have recently received four of their books, including Fate Core. While I used Fudge in my classroom for many years, I have been on the sidelines of Fate. I'm excited about the possibilities of this new, lean, flexible edition. While Heroquest is still, for now, my go-to system for running role paying games with kids, due to its foundational simplicity, Fate has many of the same qualities at hear, and with its clear mechanics and player empowerment, I think it does a better job of linking characters, plot, and setting into an interacting, coherent whole.

I will be testing Fate Core on my older players in the coming months, as I get a feel for it, and I will certainly try it with one of my kid games at some point too. Using Fate, it is certainly possible to begin quickly and simply and develop characters and connections as a game progresses. One issue that limits for me the power of Fate is that when I am running games with kids, I often have ten or more players, leaving little time for such exploration. Many kids want less yacking, more hacking, but I always have a few young people that want to dig into a game more, and Fate may be just the vehicle.

I have also recently received more than half a dozen kid-oriented games - like Camp Myth and Zorceror - and I'll be reading, testing, and reviewing these throughout 2014.

Happy New Year!