Monday, March 9, 2015

Gaming in China

Here is an exciting article about gaming in China, mostly board gaming but gaming nonetheless! I find this thrilling for two reasons. First, China is a huge, ripe market for games and has a long history of games in many forms. Second, my day job is studying China, so I'm thrilled to see some of the games I love finding love in China.

I hope to post more to this blog in the coming months. Health issues have limited my blogging energy since late last year. The adventure continues!


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  2. Hello, I'm very glad that you noticed this report written by our friend. My friends and I who lived in Beijing, China were found this small convention (Khan Kon) since 2012, and we will keep doing in this year. In China, there have some pple who play board game, RPG, war game and other tabletop game.

    I follow your blog cause I have searched the document of Education and Game by GAMA. Though I'm not a educator, I'm running a small company to translate and publishing RPG in China, but I keep looking at and thinking about how to do that in China (I mean, let tabletop game to help kids to learning or something like that). I have some connections with Chinese educator, and I hope someday, we could do closer communications.

    btw, If you need anything about China or Chinese, I'm very glad to be a helper.


    Hao Zhang

    1. I'd enjoy hearing more about your work and your contacts with educators and gamers in China. I bring a group of high school kids to China every other summer. We'll be in Beijing for a few days in June. We'd be happy to have you join us for dinner. My email address is

  3. Hello David

    I remember the phenomenal interest around Dungeons and Dragons, role playing games and console video games in the late 70's - early 80's; it would very interesting to see those situations play out in China, many years after I experienced it as an adolescent in a different part of the world. I like what you said about these games finding love there, they have so much to give from fun and learning standpoints.

    Thanks for the article!