Thursday, October 2, 2014

Interesting New Ideas

It's been a busy, demanding return from summer vacation for me. I spent most of the summer doing some wonderful traveling, but it means I've had to keep scrambling to stay ahead of everything so far. Anyway, the Internet keeps bubbling with interesting ideas of all sorts, many of which link in one way or another to using role playing games in the classroom.

Kids Stuff, a post on, has thoughtful ideas about gaming with kids and more than half a dozen recommendations for systems to use with them. I have some of these game systems and will post reviews of them when I know them well enough to do so.

Ben Garvey has written a wonderful post about gamifying his kids' morning routines to make them more fun and efficient. I love his ideas, and this article should be a reminder to all of us of the fun that can be had with games in all kinds of situations, fantasy and real.

Have fun with these ideas and share what you think or have discovered in the comments.

Have fun!

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