Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chronos: The Universal LARP System

I've just lent my support to a new Kickstarter project, Chronos: The Universal LARP System. While my favorite kind of game to advocate is RPG, what I run in my classroom is much more of a LARP. I have resolution systems that work for me, but I'm always exploring RPGs and LARPSs for ideas. I've shared some of them in this blog. I'm always looking for smoother methods and approaches to make my games of all kinds more accessible for my players. I always find that universal systems take some tweeking to make them work for a particular application, but it's worthwhile to explore them.

Chronos appears to have lots of playtesting and a team of developers with plenty of experience developing many kinds of games. The examples of play they provide are intriguingly quick and  flexible. I look forward to seeing that they develop and for the chance to test its elements in my own games.

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