Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Week to Gen Con

I'll be flying up to Indianapolis a week from Tuesday, so Gen Con 2012 is nigh! My power point presentation is complete, my notes are complete, and the handouts will soon be back from the copier. Wednesday I will present as part of Trade Day, and then I will have four days to enjoy games, seminars, and workshops. O, and shopping! I'm looking forward to seeing the range of presentations about games and educations, a topic long dear to me, on Wednesday and then seeing what's new with games and gaming.

When I return to Atlanta, I will have thirty-six hours to complete my preparations for the new school year, which begins for me and my students on Tuesday, August 21. I hope future Gen Cons don't slide any later into the month!


  1. Any chance the presentation will be streamed, or recorded and later uploaded to YouTube?

  2. I hope Gen Con is doing that. There are more presentations than anyone can attend, so a database of them would be great! I'll put the word out about what comes of it.