Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy GM Day!

Today is the official day to celebrate the hard work of our many game masters. Of course, in today’s Internet age, any of us can create an official day of anything, but I think it is a good idea to have a day to acknowledge those that referee our many stories. For all of the people that have run games for me to enjoy, THANKS

My own games in my classroom and after school continue apace. In Tang Dynasty China, the swirl of conspiracies around Empress Wu grows stronger. My real life math game for the fifth graders has a new cupcake bakery, and after school the kids continue to explore Second Age Glorantha.

Today I mostly want to share some interesting links and possibilities I’ve come across. The Youth in Gaming column at recently had an interesting entry aboutrecruiting people for a game. The comments are great for thinking about new young people in gaming, but they apply equally well to new gamers of all ages.

Wizards of the Coast is hosting a new site called D&D Parents. It includes several columns and blogs, resources, and photos to lend support to parents bringing their children and their children’s friends into the gaming fold. Again, while some of the discussions invoke the play of Dungeons and Dragons, many work for all kinds of RPGs and other games.

April 28 is Creative Play Day, designed to encourage getting games into the hands and minds of youngsters. It doesn’t have to be just one day each year, so do what you can to support the cause in any way you can!

Have fun!

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