Saturday, November 12, 2011

Games in Society This Week

This week has been particularly full of blog articles about social issues and gaming. What follows is mostly a series of links, but I think the maturity and ferment of ideas in these important posts points both to a continuing maturation of our hobby and its many interconnections within wider society.

Bill Walton continues to uncover interesting stories and writes so well about them. Just this week, his own blog at The Escapist has covered today's National Gaming Day, which covers RPGs and so much more and is sponsored by the American Library Association, and Teach Your Kids to Game Week, sponsored by DriveThruRPG and starting this Monday. It would great to hear from everyone about their experiences in these areas.

Bill also found an interesting article in The Harvard Crimson, "Life Out There," about a homeless gamer, and Bill has a new page on his web site, "The Five Ws of RPGs," which neatly describes the world of gaming to non-gamers, a useful tool for many of us!

Over at Role Playing Tips, Katrina Middleburg-Creswell writes about playing role playing games with children, a topic near to my own heart. She discusses both conversations with concerned parents and various methods for deploying games in different ways with kids at various ages, depending on your goals. It's a great, clear read and outlines the covers you should consider before running games with kids, especially with other people's children or with students.

Here's to more fruitful conversations!

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