Sunday, September 11, 2011

Speak Out With Your Geek Out

Wow, two blog posts in one week! A new personal best!

This coming week celebrates Speak Out With Your Geek Out, a wonderful and widespread celebration of Geekdom unilaterally declared by Monica Valentinelli in her blog, Flames Rising blog. As a teacher and public gamer, my geek is out there most of the time, but I want to join her and many others in making sure everyone around me knows that I'm a gamer geek and happy to be one. I encourage you to join the movement as well. It's a good thing to do for those of us comfortable in our various interests and hobbies, and it will give permission to many others presently more shy about doing so.

In my day job, I teach Chinese studies, and my favorite find at Gen Con this year was a t-shirt from Gamer Concepts that reads, 扮演角色类游戏玩家, translating more or less as role player. Woohoo!

Have fun!

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