Sunday, August 21, 2011

Upcoming at Dragon Con

Dragon Con is coming up on September 2 - 5. I'll be running HeroQuest games all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. My schedule is below.

If anyone wants to come by or come play, it would be fun to meet in person. I always get so many ideas when I run games at conventions since I am exposed to new people, questions, and manners of play. Come have some fun in Atlanta!

Event Title: Descent into the Depths

Saturday 9 am & Sunday 1 pm

Word has reached them Golden Emperor of Kralorela of a serious bookkeeping error in the Underworld, one that has unjustly condemned one of his most important officials to death and punishment. Go now and bring him back!

Event Title: The Lake Murders

Saturday 1 pm & Sunday 6 pm

Everyone’s heard about the grisly murders in the Lake District. Now they’re your case, but glamour and death do not make for pleasant work.

Event Title: Hunting Elephants

Saturday 6 pm & Monday 9 am

Seek out fabled Mount Ivory, said to lie deep in the jungles of the far south. Its ancient line of monks know secrets of martial arts and magic. Their students can gain great fame!

Event Title: The Emperor’s Ships of the Great Fog

Sunday 9 am & Monday 1 pm

The great imperial fleet patrols the misty shoreline of Kralorela and sometimes much farther out into the deep and mysterious sea fog.

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