Sunday, May 29, 2011

Long Time No See!

It's taken me longer to get back to this blog than I would have expected or wished, but I should have more to say in the coming months than in the last several. I'm working with several game publishers once again, and I will be attending Gen Con in Indianapolis and Dragon Con in Atlanta this summer, where I plan to play games, meet with members of the game industry, and, hopefully, have a chance to meet some of you. I'll be running games, some short and introductory for only an hour and some for a full three or four hours, at both conventions. I'll also be speaking about games and education at Gen Con, at one in the afternoon on Saturday, August 6.

My ongoing classroom game, Tut, a simulation of life in the court of King Tutankhamun, has just ended with a new regent, several assassinations, and a new military coalition. The kids have enjoyed it very much and are sorry to see it come to a conclusion. Tomorrow (Monday) we are spending an hour on debrief, when we will share some of the many story lines and reveal secrets.

My Friday afterschool game, set in the world of Glorantha, ends this coming Friday, also our last day of school, so it will be a fun way to see many of my gamer-students one more time. I will be running a two-week roleplaying game of some kind as part of my school's new summer camp for middle schoolers. I'll let you know how that goes.

In less than a fortnight, I'm leading a group of high school students to China for three weeks. In many ways, it reminds me of planning a campaign and gathering a party of adventurers!

Thanks, Bill, for the nudge!


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