Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dragon*Con is around the corner!

The summer is ending, school has started, and Dragon*Con is coming up quickly, so this is a good time to get this blog rolling. I haven't been able to attend much in the way of game conventions the last few summers, but I'm getting back into the swing. I'll be running several beginner Glorantha scenarios at Dragon*Con next weekend. The last couple of years, they haven't taken any of my offers to run educational workshops, but the light, flexible nature of Heroquest 2 allows me to run many kinds of games, and the context of introductory game convention tournaments lets me experiment with what works with newcomers, who are useful guinea pigs for my work in the classroom.

If you're at the con, feel free to look for me in the RPG section of the Hilton. I'd love to talk games, education, and any number of projects!

I hope to make it to at least big game convention, Origins or Gen Con, outside of Georgia next summer, but let's get the conversation going.

Have fun!


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